Lone Star, Cebu

Around the back of Mango, Road running parallel behind, same side as Papillon and Dimples. Probably best just to get a Taxi, until you know where it is – then you could walk across from the main Mango bars, although the road there is a little dark and quiet, generally OK – but you could be unlucky if you met the wrong crowd or perhaps a pack of Dingos! Hmmm, second thoughts, get a taxi if alone.

The bar has a reasonable amount of space and basically “horse shoes” around the main and “focal” stage area where three girls will normally be dancing simultaneously. You can sit right up at the bar that borders the entire edge of the “horse shoe”, so plenty of bar side seating available. Lots of Shelas (Ladies) all around and quick enough you’ll have a few over to talk to you if that’s what you want – once you have selected a specimen of choice, there are lots of little “cubby hole” type secret lounging spots dotted around where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the main bar for a little quiet and privacy. There’s a pool table at the far side of the bar that is usually busy. This really is a popular bar for westerners. Went there last Monday and it was packed, whilst most of the other bars were quiet. Auzzy owner knows how to keep westerners entertained and happy, so they come back like some human boomerang, some staying the evening, others like me just popping in for a smoko..


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